It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Close up Front View_2Seasons greetings to one and all.  I decided to make my Christmas attire this year rather than combing the shops trying to decide what to buy.  The first top I made is from another “old” pattern I bought many years ago when I went through my first sewing phase.  I originally made this little halter neck 4 sizes bigger than the one here (oh happy days).  The fabric has a slight stretch to it, although the pattern doesn’t call for it.  It was really easy to make, the straps are basically made from a facing which extends down past the V with elastic around the inside at the front.  The back also has elastic and a centre zip and that’s it really, nothing more to say.  Close up Front ViewMy next creation is the second top off the Simplicity 1716 pattern, it comes in three different lengths with varying sleeve lengths too.  The fabric is a nylon lycra with sequins, many many many sequins.  These were an effort to sew, either my machine needle decided to skirt round them or at one stage it decided to tackle one head on and lost miserably, I had a needle casualty shall we say.  This top was easier than the first one to make, no zips, no gathers, nothing to give me any heart stopping moments.   There we have it my festive creations, one little backless number to wear on Christmas Day when my oven is on full blast and the other for Boxing Day when I will be enjoying a meal out with my family.  Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, enjoy the holidays!Full Front View

Buy one get one free

Front View - V8390

Vogue V8390 with gathers

After my euphoric experience with my vogue dress, I seemed to come to a grinding halt where my sewing was concerned. I think the whole experience left me a little too confident and so I rushed head long into making a new dress which I thought would be a piece of cake……oh no, this couldn’t be any further from the truth, it fell spectacularly on its face and left me quite downhearted. But not a person to be put off easily I decided to venture on the safe side once again with some left over material and a pattern I had bought a while ago, Vogue V8390 was created. This garment was incredibly easy to make, it has gathers on the shoulders and along the right side. The left and right front are both double thickness and also overlap each other which makes it lovely and warm for this time of year. My second creation also made from left over material, is an old favourite of mine which appears a couple of times previously on my blog, this pattern is Simplicity 2364, a lovely top which again has a focus on gathers, this time along the side under the arms.

Front View - 2364

Simplicity 2364

This also has double thickness fabric around the neckline. I decided to make the yoke and sleeves in black to add a slight variation but mainly because I didn’t have enough purple left. There we have it, two tops to ease me back into the satisfying feeling that comes with creating my own clothes. What to do next, I have some new material on the way, should I have another attempt at the dress that failed or do I move on to a new creation that will be Vogue V1259, which incidentally is for advanced sewers, we shall see……

Something for the holidays

Baby Doll Top frontThis is the first project I have created from my book titled 101 great ways to sew a metre of fabric. It is the first item of clothing I have made for somebody else, although it was easy to make it was nerve-racking making sure I got it just right, thankfully my Sister in-law was thrilled with it 🙂

The bodice pattern piece was supplied and the dimensions were given for the skirt. The book suggests using bias tape for the edging and the straps (just to increase my love for bias tape), I decided to use the same colour as one of the flowers on the material, rather than beige or cream just to mix it up a bit. The skirt has a casing through the centre for the elastic, which can be adjusted to suit.

It was so simple to make, just one or two tweaks depending on who you are making it for and away you go. Ideal for a summer nightie, or an everyday top with a classic pair of jeans.

My daughter loves it so much she wants me to make her one too, watch this space…..

Knitted top with centre twist

Centre Twist

The centre seams to create the fabulous twist

Top with centre twist

This is the first top I have made out of knitted material.  The pattern is New Look 6940, which comprises a few different tops.  I really liked look of this version and decided to give it ago first.  Oh boy what a struggle that was, the fabric had a mind of its own stretching and slipping and sliding all over the place, it came as quite a shock after using such well behaved fabric in the past.

The top itself is in three parts with a twist on the top half, which is constructed by pushing one side of the top half through the other and sewing centre seams to keep everything in place.  The back is in two parts with a vertical centre seam, I decided to use bias tape on the neckline for a neat professional finish.

I was really pleased with the result although the neckline is slightly too low for me so I had to put a stitch in to take it up slightly.