Where we are today

After starting to sew my new black and white dress this morning and mistakenly thinking it would be a doddle, I spent many hours sewing and unpicking and sewing some more.  The bodice is finally complete with sleeves, the next task will be fixing the yoke to the body of the dress, a simple task you may think, but no, these things are not meant to be simple, following much scrutiny it looks like that will be another challenge…..

Moving on

My two colour shift dress was finally finished last night following a slight tussle with the concealed zip.  Pictures coming soon.

I’m really looking forward to my next item, something slightly different, a 50s style floral dress complete with matching belt and anything else I feel like adding to it.

Watch this space

A brief change of plan

I will be taking a break from my shift dress for a short time to concentrate on some serious cutting out.  I have got various new projects in mind including a black lined skirt for work (made from material left over from my dress), a nice linen summer dress.  Then perhaps moving on to a tailored suit jacket, plenty to consider and think about…..