As a child I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer.  I studied Art and Needlework at school to further my ambition, and then found out that to design clothes one has to be good at maths.  My dreams were shattered, so I found a career in an office.  My love of sewing was not to be defeated so I bought myself a sewing machine when I was in my late 20s and dabbled for a few years.  Family commitments then took over and my machine was resigned to the dark depths of the of my spare room cupboard.  My creative side lay in wait until my daughter was older and in January 2012 I started to sew again.  Primarily dressmaking, I have been trying different fabrics and patterns to develop my sewing skills.  The journey I have travelled so far has been so wonderful and I am really looking forward to whatever comes next.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi have just stumbled across your blog and everyone here at Calico Laine loves it, do you ever guest blog?

    We were also looking to see if you would consider linking to our website? in return we could offer you some sort of discount on orders?

    If you are interested please contact me on matty@calicolaine.co.uk



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