It’s all about the buttons

1 FontSince my last creation I decided to make another dress from a pattern I have used previously, with added design modifications of my own (check me out).  The pattern is Simplicity K2146 inspired by Project Runway (another freebie from Sew Magazine).  Like other patterns in this range it has a few different variations of the dress and little add-ons to boot.  I basically used the pattern pieces for the shape and sizing and that was all.  The fabric came from Abakhan Fabrics once again, when I was on yet another little shopping spree in Manchester.

Hogo Boss Dress

Hugo Boss Dress

The construction on the whole was fairly basic, I wanted to keep the design simple but make the dress bold with colour and style.  Once cut out I put the pattern away and made the dress on my own instruction (what was I thinking listening to myself?!).  The front panels with the gorgeous princess seams were sewn together first, then I attached the side sections to be back.  I then made the tab, I must  let you all know at this stage of the process I had another visit to Manchester and just happened to stroll past the Hugo Boss shop and was promptly stopped in my tracks when I saw a dress in the window with a rather large price tag on it that wasn’t a million miles away from mine in design, at this point I was toying with the colour variation on the tab, in the end I decided to stick with my original choice.

TopThe whole process (excluding the tab) had to be done a second time for the lining, (did I mention that the pattern doesn’t call for the dress to be lined, but I chose to line mine?)  I attached the lining via the neckline, right sides together and topstitched the inside.

BackThen came the biggest design change of all, the back centre, which I created using a button finish.  This of course eliminated the back zip, centre seam and the vent.  I stitched both left and right centre seams to the lining using the 5/8th allowance, which made the dress into a pocket.  Then came the sleeves, oh yes indeedy, how I love set-in sleeves and these were no exception with an absolutely unforgivable first attempt but as usual I got there in the end.

Finally eleven buttonholes and buttons were put in place to finish off the back.  As the weeks have passed and Autumn is now upon us I didn’t think I would get the opportunity to wear my dress just yet but the weather has been glorious this weekend and my daughter told me I looked so nice in my dress I should wear it today on my mooch about town, so that’s exactly what I did.

Hello Dolly

It has been quite a week with a very exciting experience for me, that completely took me by surprise (I have only just stopped fluffing my own feathers) or maybe not as I am bursting to share the news with those of you who don’t know already.  There I was minding my own business when I received a tweet from one of my sewing pals, that just said congratulations?! I couldn’t wait to open the picture she had attached to it to find out what was going on and there it was in all its glory, my very own mention in Sew magazine (begins to dance around the room once again).  I have recently made a dress from a Simplicity pattern that was featured in their June magazine and as with all my creations I take pictures at various stages during the process. I decided to share one of my dressmakers mannequin “Dolly” wearing Simplicity K1913 in the early stages with SewHQ and Simplicity on twitter, I didn’t give it another thought (I’m always sharing pictures with anyone who seems remotely interested) and low and behold who turns up in this months issue……..? Dolly in all her glory, she is so proud and I am also extremely proud and pleased as punch that they thought my creation was perfect.

Sew MagazineMoving on with even more exciting news.  I have been toying with the idea of creating a logo for some time now but couldn’t really decide what I wanted as the face of willowwears.  It dawned on me this weekend, who better than Dolly to do the job (after her recent claim to fame).  She is without a doubt absolutely perfect for the position. She has been with me since April 2013 after I bought her from my lovely friend at sewing-online.  She always does such a fabulous job and is a great help to me I definitely would be lost without her.    Designing the logo  was the easy part (not much to think about really, the main feature had been decided),  editing was a different matter but I got there in the end.  I was going to have it created by a professional designer but my other half folded his arms and gave me the “you know you can do it” look.

There we have it folks – willowwears gets a makeover, I hope you like?!