Vintage glamour

Here we have another step in a new direction for me and I TOTALLY loved every minute of it!Full Front View Inside

The pattern is Burda 7132.  I was immediately drawn to the design, I very much liked the Audrey Hepburn style. The fabric is a medium weight wool mix courtesy of Minervacrafts. I had already decided before I hunted the fabric down that it had to be dog-tooth check.Front View with Jacket

The dress consists of two halves, the top front is made up of three front panels to create the shape (something I am becoming very familiar with). The skirt front has two pleats either side to create the wonderful box shape at the top (this helps to hide a multitude of sins in the stomach area). The back has a concealed centre zip and vent at the bottom. The neckline, being very straight, is slightly different from other dresses which I think adds to its individuality.  Finally it has little capped sleeves which are sewn on with their facing.  On the whole it was fairly easy to put together, the skill involved was matching all the checks.

Front View with LabelNow we move on to bigger and better things, the jacket. I can honestly say the construction was  straight-forward, the reason being the fabulous instructions put together by Burda. Anyway, this. after 14 months of sewing is the first fully lined jacket I have attempted and I was ever-so-excited with each and every step.  We will start at the beginning, each of the front and back panels are sewn together and the sleeves (still in half at this point) are attached. Then the top seams on the sleeves are sewn to create the overall shape, the collar is then inserted (4 times I might add, we know how much I love to unpick!).  After which the whole process starts again with the lining. The two are put together using the collar and its facing and turned inside out (I was very giddy at this point). Time to add the cuffs, do a bit of hand stitching and away we go.

Full Back View

I particularly liked the box pleats in the back lining creating a pocket to prevent it from ripping when I am doing joyous cartwheels in it later. The one thing I didn’t do was stitch the lining to the inside along the fold at the hem, this again I think will give more maneuverability.

I would say this is definitely another win;  some you do and some you don’t.  I would definitely recommend Burda patterns, I really liked the seam and marking numbering on the pattern pieces, it all adds to the enjoyment of making such a wonderful garment. I am chuffed to bits with how it all turned out, so much so that I have decided to make a trouser suit next, including another fully lined jacket, I think I will need another wardrobe soon to accommodate my new clothes.

15 thoughts on “Vintage glamour

  1. This looks fantastic on you and is really well made. I have enjoyed reading your diary of how it was put together and was thinking of doing something like this myself on a project I am working on. I have found your comments above helpful as it is always good to know someone else’s view of how the pattern makes up and to see the finished article so you can then decide on whether it is worth buying the pattern or not and this one certainly looks great. Like you, I buy from Minerva Crafts as I find they offer a great range of fabrics at reasonable prices with an excellent service. Sewing-Online is also another favourite of mine for haberdashery as they too offer good prices and excellent service. I’m looking forward to your next project! Best wishes

    • Thank you. I love to share my creations and take great pleasure in following and seeing what other fellow sewists make too. You should have a look at, this is a great site which does what it says, people review patterns and share their experiences, its great to see how things turn out for other people. There are some great websites to keep an eye on, I too think Sewing online is fab. Happy sewing 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this. My daughter has just bought a sewing machine + overlocker; I will recommend this to her as she loves the vintage look. The whole suit looks so well cut + fitted.

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