Stepping into some rather large shoes

Now then, these little beauties are my first attempt at men’s attire. I don’t remember making anything “male” when I was first sewing many years ago. The pattern is Simplicity 3971 which to my amusement is a unisex pattern, you will understand my amusement when we touch on the sizing later in the post. I decided to start with a pair of PJs for two reasons, number one, my husband quite liked the idea of handmade lounge wear and number two, I was reluctant to make a pair of trousers or a shirt in case I had another sewing disaster which wouldn’t venture out of the wardrobe; at least with these, only a select few people will see them in the flesh.

The trousers were extremely easy, especially with an overlocker, sew the inside leg, middle seam, side seams, make the waist casing, insert the elastic and away we go, happy days.

The shirt was more difficult, although the pattern was very easy to follow and the construction was quite painless. I revisited button holes and inserting a collar, both of which I haven’t done for some time now. The hardest part was matching all the stripes. When you’re dealing with so much material, it can be quite daunting. As I mentioned earlier this pattern is for male and female, now my husband is 6’3″, he is not a small chap by any stretch of the imagination. I did a bit of measuring, added a bit of length on the arms and legs and definitely cut the pattern to a size medium, make no mistake folks these are indeed a size medium. (I think he was in short trousers the last time he wore medium clothes) and they still swamp him, huge is not the word!

Anyway, we think jammies are most comfy when they are not restrictive and have more than enough room to lounge around in.


6 thoughts on “Stepping into some rather large shoes

  1. Nice PJs – I like the bias cut pocket and cuffs. My only adventure with a unisex pattern was also PJs. I think I cut the small, for myself, and ended up giving them to DH who is at least 8″ taller than me, and weighs about 70 pounds more!

  2. What is i with patterns these days? I’ve had a couple of similar experiences lately with garments ending up way bigger than you would expect from the measurements on the envelope. Oh, and good on your for matching stripes. I wouldn’t bother on pyjamas.

    • These were really massive, I still can’t believe they were unisex, I would fit in one leg. Matching the stripes didn’t all work, you can see the back lol

      • I have a suspicion that there’s something seriously wrong with the computer based drafting systems at some pattern companies. Wish we had a way to give them feedback.

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