The madness that is Vogue V8705

A front ViewIt feels like an age since I updated my blog, there has been a very good reason for it. I decided last month that I needed a challenge, having created a few tops recently from knitted fabric I felt the need for something a bit different that would give me something to think about and test my sewing skills. I shall share with you the journey that was Vogue V8705.Full Back View

It all started with 14 pattern pieces, each transferred into single, double, quadruple pieces of fabric of all shapes and sizes.ย  Initially it was quite straightforward until I had to attach one of the sections to another. Then I realised that each seam and the topstitching had to lie in the same direction or I would lose at least 2cm of fabric and the sections wouldn’t fit together.ย  Luckily I realised that very early on in the process and only had to cut out one new piece.

The most nerve-racking thing about doing a new project and something that is totally different is fear of the unknown, as the dress progressed some parts didn’t seem to have a purpose and I didn’t really know until it was finished if I had done something wrong!

Close up back view

The back has a concealed zip which to my surprise went in first time without a problem, given that I was working with knitted fabric and there was a seam through the middle I had to match, I presumed at least three attempts would be necessary.Full Front View

The sleeves gave much head scratching, these were attached and taken off four times, the straps were all sewn double thickness and had to be turned inside out and positioned in the correct places and adjusted to suit, then finally the majority of the topstitching had to be done, as well as the hem.

I can definitely say without a doubt, this garment has been the most exciting, nerve-racking and rewarding one to date, a huge smile spreads across my face every time I look at it.

21 thoughts on “The madness that is Vogue V8705

    • Thank you, some parts were easier than others. The topstitching was difficult because I am such a perfectionist and wouldn’t be happy it there was a stitch out of place ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Well done! I thing it looks better on you than on the pattern cover. The bodice looks so complicated. You said the sleeves were tough… But were the instructions ok in general?

    • Thanks you. I think I had a mad moment with the sleeves, for some reason I just couldn’t get them right. The main reason I chose a Vogue pattern was to see how good the instructions are, I can honestly say it was one of the best patterns I have used.

    • Thank you. I made another dress after this one which seemed quite straightforward but I couldn’t get it right, it goes to show, sometimes things work and other times they don’t.

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