Matching the stripes

Front RightThis top is a clear example of how much of a novice I still am when it comes to sewing. I chose the fabric based on the colours and the pattern; it caught my eye basically. However, I first decided to make a different top out of it, which required the pattern to be placed on the diagonal on a single piece of fabric, after much head scratching it dawned on me that the particular pattern wasn’t suitable for obvious stripes and so it became that I made the Simplicity pattern 2364 again. I do love this top and now I have two. I made this one quite quickly and without any fuss as the teething problems were sorted out on the previous version, once the stripes were matched when I was cutting out it was a matter of making sure they came together when sewing it. This one seems slightly bigger but the fabric has much more stretch than the previous one and isn’t quite as stiff, this is obvious by how the neck falls. I am nearing the end of my relationship with knitted fabrics for the moment, maybe just one or two more………Front Left

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