Half a shift dress

Front viewThis top is made from the same pattern as the fully lined block shift dress, a slightly shorter zip is used and the pattern has a guide where the top should finish. The material has a embroidered detail on it which I thought was quite nice and a little less plain, it is also quite thin so the lining worked very well with it.

I have to say I found the top extremely strange to put together as the lining is attached to the material all the way round. I had to turn it inside out from the side and sew the side lining seams by hand later, (hand sewing isn’t really my thing), the further I take my creativity I realise that patterns aren’t always right or practical. On the plus side the concealed zip went in first time, oh happy days, less unpicking and more sewing this time šŸ™‚Concealed \ip Time to move on once again….

6 thoughts on “Half a shift dress

  1. Thank you! the quality of the zip definitely has a bearing on how well it goes in, also I have learnt to go down both sides from the top.. I was genuinely shocked when I didn’t have to take it back out for a change šŸ™‚

  2. I love the top! What a great wardrobe staple. And I have found that technique of lining in a lot of patterns (vests usually)

  3. The only problem I have with reversing the lining is how untidy it is on the inside, I have yet to master the way of the professionals, I haven’t bought anything from a shop that has hand sewing on the inside šŸ™‚

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