Knitted top with centre twist

Centre Twist

The centre seams to create the fabulous twist

Top with centre twist

This is the first top I have made out of knitted material.  The pattern is New Look 6940, which comprises a few different tops.  I really liked look of this version and decided to give it ago first.  Oh boy what a struggle that was, the fabric had a mind of its own stretching and slipping and sliding all over the place, it came as quite a shock after using such well behaved fabric in the past.

The top itself is in three parts with a twist on the top half, which is constructed by pushing one side of the top half through the other and sewing centre seams to keep everything in place.  The back is in two parts with a vertical centre seam, I decided to use bias tape on the neckline for a neat professional finish.

I was really pleased with the result although the neckline is slightly too low for me so I had to put a stitch in to take it up slightly.

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